What we do

Instead of just offering traditional one to one circuit matching, NYTEX provides a true commodity market where participants sell into and buy from the market.

NYTEX is a true commodity exchange where minutes are bought and sold in each market based on an established minimum reference quality. Minutes are sold in blocks and can be purchased in blocks or on a continuous basis. Blocks purchased never expire. The process is managed and controlled by our proprietary ACIMASTM (Advanced Circuit Integrated Management Algorithm System) algorithm. ACIMASTM ensures the quality of service based on an established reference quality by market and adjusts all circuits in real time so that Sellers can only deliver the minimum reference quality and Buyers can only receive the reference quality or better. Combined with NYTEX's powerful False Answer Supervision Prevention system, NYTEX participants are always assured of the optimum quality.

For Sellers, this means that they receive traffic based on their ability to deliver at the reference quality. For Buyers, this means they always get the quality they paid for.

NYTEX Pioneers the Block Trade

NYTEX has introduced the concept of the Block Trade - a fixed amount of minutes (always at a reference quality) at a fixed price. For Buyers, block trading represents a way of keeping an inventory of minutes at a predictable price.

Because these are bulk purchases, minutes can often be obtained at a discount over the market price. Using NYTEX assures the Buyer that they will be able to use their block of minutes as NYTEX Clearing will assure delivery at the reference quality.

For Sellers, block trading ensures committed minutes, meaning predictable revenues. The ACIMASTM algorithm manages traffic so that Sellers can maximize their delivery of minutes as long as the reference quality is met.

The NYTEX Advantage

For Sellers
  1. Elimination of credit risk
  2. One interconnection - multiple Buyers
  3. Easy access to funds
  4. Receive traffic based on the ability to deliver at the Reference Quality
  5. No fees or setup costs - the price posted by Sellers is what they receive
For Buyers
  1. Secure banking and financial tools
  2. One interconnection - multiple Sellers
  3. Off-peak Pricing available for all routes
  4. Ability to take advantage of cheap routes without sacrificing quality
  5. No fees or setup costs - the price Buyers see is what they pay