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    We are NYTEX.

    The New York Telecom Exchange (NYTEX) is the world’s first neutral telecommunications commodity exchange and is the new standard for trading international call termination.

    Telecommunications is a complex product with many parameters. NYTEX has taken this complexity and transformed it into an easily traded commodity using reference qualities for each traded market. This means it can be traded as any other commodity – anonymously through the NYTEX platform and directly from Seller to Buyer through its tTrader platform.

    With NYTEX and its development of ACIMAS™ (the Advanced Circuit Intelligent Management Algorithm System), how minutes are traded has been changed forever. ACIMAS™ transforms this highly differentiated product into a standardized commodity, just like oil, orange juice or gold.

    Because NYTEX has created a telecommunications commodity, Sellers sell into a “market” rather than to a specific Buyer. Buyers similarly purchase from the “market” rather than from a specific Seller. This means trades can be anonymous – just like a stock market.

    Telecommunications has never been traded efficiently because there were no true standards. By developing a reference quality for each market based on what 80% of the market is expecting, telecommunications becomes a commodity and can be traded. NYTEX has also introduced the concept of trading “blocks” of minutes. So a price can be established like other commodities based on supply and demand.

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    How NYTEX works


    NYTEX is an easy to use online platform where you can sell or buy blocks of minutes for a specific market at a fixed price or buy minutes continuously based on a variable “spot” price. NYTEX functions much like a traditional commodity exchange with similar internal operating units.

    Block Trading

    NYTEX works like any other commodity exchange. Sellers post the price they want to receive for a specific block of minutes (the "ask"). NYTEX posts this "ask" with a small transaction fee and the combined price is what is seen by Buyers. Buyers on the other side of the transaction post what they are prepared to pay (the "bid"). When the "ask" and "bid" match, a transaction occurs. NYTEX clears both the financial transaction and the transiting of minutes (at the point in time when the Buyer decides to use them). Blocks of minutes purchased never expire - Buyers can use them at any time.

    Continuous Trading

    Some markets have minutes available for purchase on a continuous basis. Buyers post the maximum price they are prepared to pay for a market and as long as the spot price is below that amount, traffic flows. Buyers in this case pay only the market price at the time.

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