The NYTEX Tools

NYTEX provides its users with a full array of value added services

The NYTEX Toolkit

NYTEX provides its participants with a full range of Services and Features which gives the ability to focus on increasing business and profits.

tTraderTM - the Secure Direct trading Platform.

Migrate existing carrier relationships, manage traffic and quality with ACIMAS™ algorithm, improve cash flow and save money.

tBrokerTM Switchless Brokerage

NYTEX’s tBroker™ is the only tool needed to set up a telecoms brokerage. tBroker™ will be of particular interest to telecoms brokers and financial investors who want to trade Telecom Commodities, but do not want to invest in telecoms equipment, billing systems, data centers, accounting and collection departments, banking facilities, back office support and a 24/7 NOC.

USD and Euro Trading Floors

NYTEX offers seamless trading in both US dollars and EUROs through respective trading floors. The trading floors are fully integrated incorporating real time currency exchange so transactions can take place on either platform without incurring a currency risk.

The NYTEX Index

NYTEX has created its own index – the NYTEX 100™ which tracks the top 100 telecom markets by value in real time. This gives market participants a solid market reference point.

Market Intelligence

NYTEX follows telecom markets very closely – providing accurate and up to date intelligence for market traders on key factors that affect the price of the minutes - which can lead to strong buying, selling or neutral trading. NYTEX also supplies core market information – the basic metrics on markets such as number of subscribers, competition, growth parameters and historical information to aid in trading decisions and monitor for updates in dialing codes.